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About Us

With in-depth knowledge of the local market, we help our clients understand cultural intricacies and local nuances in detail

Market Frame Research is a fast growing Global field and data collection organization founded by a group of experienced and dynamic market research professionals with a collective industry experience of about 50+ years. Our foundation lays on ethics, anchored on humanism, energized by passion, driven by the spirit of excellence and above all dedicated for quality. Management team’s rich professional experience has been shaped by working with world leaders in Market Research like IPSOS, Synovate, ORG Marg & Kadence.

Market Frame offers multi mode data collection support for quantitative and qualitative studies across industry verticals with in-house field team and coverage across Asia, Middle East and Africa. Over the years we have partnered with top market research clients and data collection companies locally and internationally.

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Industry Verticals

We connect clients with key stake holders across industries. Our comprehensive business offering are across different industry verticals from Automotive to Pharmaceuticals . Industry specific recruiters and interviewers are a key differentiators.




Information Technology


Banking & Finance


Social Research

An ever increasing middle-class population, offers high growth rate for automotive industry. We helps you connect with different key stake holders from automotive industry like fleet managers, car owners, intenders, channel professionals, Independent workshop owners, service center managers, automotive equipment manufacturers etc.

Localization is must to ensure that brands succeed globally and we ensure that we add that bit of local touch to your research. We dwelve deep into local markets and help you answer some interesting questions.

Global consumer dynamics have been changing rapidly. Looking at the growth potential offered by Emerging Markets in the years to come, it has become strategically important for FMCG companies to understand consumer spending trends in these markets.

We work across a range of product categories such as Personal care products, Food and beverages, Over-the- counter drugs and household care products. Our fieldwork team has experience working on various research techniques including..

  1. Ad Testing
  2. Brand Positioning
  3. Brand Tracking
  4. Concept Evaluation
  5. Creating Consumer Personas
  6. Journey Mapping
  7. Market Segmentation
  8. Product Testing
  9. Packaging Test
  10. Sensory Evaluation

A dedicated healthcare research practice ensures we deliver information rich data with actionable insights. Our healthcare market research fieldwork capability spreads across 30+ therapeutic areas and 20+ countries. Our in-house database of healthcare and allied healthcare professionals, coupled with our local field force, helps us reach out to low incidence target groups with ease. Our fieldwork team’s extensive knowledge of the local healthcare system comes very handy while deciding, public vs. private hospital quota, specialties to target, setting up sample size etc.

Engage with us for breakthrough ideas from healthcare experts, be it Market Access, gaining insights into Pricing and Reimbursement Strategies, understanding the impact of Health Economics or Outcomes Research (HEOR), conducting User Experience Research for medical devices or reaching out to physicians for Patient Record Forms or product placement of medical devices at private hospitals and clinics.

Emerging Markets are at the forefront of adopting technology innovations. So it has become strategically important for IT companies to know consumer trends in these markets. We help our clients understand purchase trends into Printers, storage servers, networking devices, cloud computing, Internet of Things and data center.

Our recruitment team is well equipped and experienced in recruiting IT decision makers and other key stake holder across the industry. Key stakeholders that we help our clients connect with includes..

  1. Software Engineers (across different technologies & platforms)
  2. Database Architects
  3. Computer Networking Professionals
  4. Data Analysts
  5. Design Engineers
  6. Technical Consultants
  7. Admin/purchase managers
  8. CIOs / CTOs

Increased techology usage has made it critically important for brands to know how and where they advertise and promote their brand. With more than two third people owning TV sets in India it becomes further important for companies to monitor the content shown on TV. Market Frame has partnered with some of the well know TV challnels to research TV content across different segments and different TV series.Apart from the conventional TV based content we also work on digital content on multiple platforms. Some of the research techniques we have worked on

  1. TV Audience measurement
  2. Pre and post advertisement
  3. Advertisement evaluation
  4. Bollywood Audience measurement
  5. Movie research

Increase internet consumption and mobile penetration has changed the conventional ways of banking. Finance and banking industry is experiencing promising growth opportunities and future remains bright. This has made increasingly important for the companies, not only banks but for technology companies as well to understand spending patters across individuals.

We have helped several clients understand and map the journey for online banking customers and online shopping customers. We bring our clients closer to their customers and help them understand what motivates them or what could motivate them. Some of the target audience interviewed are:

  1. Banking professionals
  2. Fund managers
  3. Credit card holders
  4. Retail banking users
  5. Online shoppers
  6. International travellers
  7. Insurance policy holders
  8. Mutual fund holders

Market Frame has a stronger field presence in smaller cities across India. This enable us to connect well to the farmers and agricultural experts. Our interviewers have experience interviewing agricultural stakeholders from all major states in India including some of the below target groups..

  1. OEMs for agriculture industry
  2. Retailers / Distributors for farming equipments
  3. Retailers / Distributors for seeds and pesticides
  4. Farmers

Market Frame has undertaken social research projects across a wide spectrum. We have always observed that the Rural consumers are different from their urban counterparts and so is the research findings. It is not only due to lack of exposure and resources but also due to occupation, income, social status and interdependency affecting dynamics. For consumer research this section is significantly important. We at Market Frame have local team who understand the society and thus add advantage to us while conducting rural and social research. We have worked across industry verticals in the rural markets worldwide, marginally more in India.

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